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Timpanogos Nursery

We are a Certified Nursery growing the Tibetan Goji Berry. Bare root plants are available by mail order in late Winter and early Spring. Fresh, Juicy, Goji Berries are also available in late Summer and Fall. Goji Berries are extreamley high in Antioxidants, Vitamins and Minerals. They are sweet and very juicy. Delicious! The plants are very hardy and easy to grow once they are established. Please visit our web site, it contains many photos and hard to find information on the Goji Berry.

Stick-N-Stack Country Wood Products

Pennellville, NY

Stick-N-Stack Country Wood Products is a family-run local business specializing in business-run and on-site custom lumber manufacturing/products. Our services are versatile ranging from simple lumber orders, produce crates, fencing and log cabin building. We look forward to serving you!!

Chesterfield Orchid Company

Beautiful blooming Phalaenopsis for winter! Choose from dozens of colors with thousands of plants to choose from! Fast, easy online ordering. Major credit cards plus PayPal. Join our mailing list for monthly specials! All plants shipped with winter packaging and heat packs to guarantee that they will arrive alive.

Our mission is to provide useful container gardening information, supplies, and gift plants to help people experience the joys of growing plants.

Earth Sisters Essentials

Supplier of natural, pure, organic handcrafted soaps, hand creams, lotions, healing salve, fragrances, soy candles, sprays and non-toxic cleaners.

Evodia source

Bee Bee Tree (Korean Evodia, Tetradium Daniellii) seeds and seedlings for sale, year round. These trees provide an excellent source of late summer nectar for honey bees. The trees get hundreds of softball sized flower clusters and it's not uncommon to see as many as 20 bees on a single cluster. They are a beautiful ornamental tree as well. I have both seeds and seedlings available. Please visit my webpage (link below) to see photo's and prices or contact me at John677x@yahoo. com.

Patio Hearth

Outdoor living and garden decor, weathervanes, garden statuary, cast iron flower pots, mosquito control, sundials, garden sculptures, garden wall art, hammocks, beach chairs, adirondak chairs, door stops, outdoor fireplaces, chimeneas, patio heaters, garden benches, swings, patio umbrellas, weatherprints outdoor art, stepping stones, bird houses, feeders and birdbaths. Outdoor lighting, path lighting, screen houses, lanterns, door mats, urns, pest control


Calgary, AB, Canada

Lawn Care, Snow Removal, and Gardening Company in Calgary, Alberta

A1 Handcrafted Garden Bridges

A1 Handcrafted Garden Bridges. Custom built Cedar and Redwood Garden Bridges. Custom built Picnic Tables and outdoor structures. Custom Handcrafted Garden trellises, arbors and wooden yard art. Built by Experienced craftsman and shipped nationwide. Many different Products and styles available to choose from. Thank you and may God Bless.


Learn All about Worm composting and the benefits of recycling kitchen- and garden waste with the help of compost worms. How to build Worm farms. Worm composting from A to Z

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