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Terro Ant Killer

Ants can form symbiotic relationships other insects that can harm or even destroy your garden such as mealy bugs, aphids and scale insects. If ants and other insects are causing harm to your garden, try Terro ant killer.

Mariposa Gardening & Design, Llc

Berkeley, CA

Mariposa Gardening & Design, llc is an award-winning ecological design-build landscaping company. We design, install, and maintain gardens using Permaculture as our guiding design principle. Our gardens build songbird, butterfly, and pollinator habitat using mostly California natives. Our strong commitment to incorporating beauty with innovative ecological designs have earned us 3 gold medals and 3 silver medals as well as the Sunset Magazine Western Living award at the Sf Flower & Garden Show between 2008 to 2013.

Watermate Irrigation

Watermate Irrigation (Mastermind Products) specialise in providing garden irrigation systems which use rainwater at every opportunity. Garden irrigation using rainwater is simple to install, is affordable and is better for the environment and your plants. We have a wealth of expertise in garden watering systems and can help you to design the perfect garden irrigation system.

Active Pest Solutions

Edmonton, AB, Canada

Active Pest Solutions is your locally-owned specialist in pest control. We combine extensive experience in the pest control industry with cutting-edge technologies to solve your pest control problems, not simply “control” them.

Zareba Systems

Zareba Systems offers complete lawn and garden fence kits that are affordable and effective fencing options. They include all necessary components to get your fence up and running quickly.

Sustainable Seed Co.

We are a family owned and operated business offering some of the best heirloom vegetable seeds, heirloom grain seeds and heirloom herb seeds. Visit our website today for a full selection.

Havahart Wireless

The engineers at Havahart Wireless have been able to successfully develop the latest generation in wireless fence technology for dogs to add to their line of successful dog containment and training devices. Give your dog the freedom of a fenceless yard, but with the security of one.

Burton-On-Trent, United Kingdom

GardenBenches. com has a huge selection of garden benches available to order online or over the phone. Sourced from environmentally friendly wood and crafted with the utmost attention to detail, these garden benches are perfect to add the finishing touches to your garden. We have a wide range of benches including teak benches, hand painted garden benches and couple benches. Also including garden accessories to make your bench last the length of time, our selection has everything you need to get your garden ready for summer.

Structure Studios

At Structure Studios We publish and develop leading 3D-visualization software and technologies for the pool and landscape design industries.


Ants can form symbiotic relationships other insects that can harm or even destroy your garden such as mealy bugs, aphids and scale insects. If ants and other insects are causing harm to your garden, try Terro® ant killer.

Home Life

Burton-On-Trent, United Kingdom

Home Life specialise in outdoor furniture. Our website displays a large selection of conservatory furniture and garden furniture including garden benches. Home Life provide a range of furniture that is stylish yet comfortable so head on over to our site and we'll help transform your house into a home.

Premier Pools and Spas

Premier Pools and Spas is the nation's leading pool builder. With locations nationwide, and years of experience building custom pools, we're confident that you'll have the best experience choosing our teams of experts to help you build your dream backyard oasis!


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