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Orchard House Heirlooms

Orchard House Heirlooms is dedicated to bring to market the most sustainable seeds on the planet, heirlooms. Heirloom seeds are not only preserving our heritage, but the only seed that can reproduce the identical plant it came from. Our motto 'Seeds for Life' is just that. Once you plant an heirloom you will never need to buy another seed. All of our seeds are heirloom or organic heirloom vegetable & herb seeds. We do not sell Hybrid or Gmo (Genetically Modified) Seeds.

Garden Delights

Delight your senses with fresh produce--right from your backyard. Garden Delights specializes in growing heirloom vegetable plants--those funky, delicious tomatoes your grandma grew. Visit www. gardendelights-sc. com to order your delights today!

Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds offers one of the largest selections of heirloom seeds in the U. S. with over 1000 varieties of tasty vegetables, fragrant flowers, and spicey herbs. Groovy seeds for all your home and market garden needs. Free 64 page color catalog with all your old-time favorites. www. RareSeeds. com

Circle Dance Seeds

Circle Dance Seeds produces heirloom, heritage, organic, open-pollinated seeds for flowers, herbs, and vegetables selected for their outstanding taste, vigor, and genetic diversity, especially for the northern climates of North Eastern United States and Southern Canada. Seeds are also selected for Native American and early North American heritage. Catalogue is free to order by email or postal address below, or print and mail the online Pdf mailorder form on the web site.

Joe's Onions

Rare heirloom onion for sale. Egyptian Walking Onion from Joe Louis Old Spring Hill Farm. Potent onion with a Pepper Like Punch. The stalks make a gel like extract that can be used as a natural repellent. I call this onion, the King Of Onions. I have top and bottom bulbs for sale. I also have top/bottom bulbs in cups with soil-less mix ready to ship!! Great onion for small spaces, raised beds and containers. The pallete is rich ruby reds, dark greens, bronze and more. Joe's Onions

Sustainable Seed Co.

We are a family owned and operated business offering some of the best heirloom vegetable seeds, heirloom grain seeds and heirloom herb seeds. Visit our website today for a full selection.

Butterfly Bush Wildlife Gardening

Lancaster, PA

Butterfly Bush is a unique little nursery on a back road in the Amish country of Pennsylvania, specializing in plants to attract butterflies and birds and provide shelter for wildlife. No chemical pesticides are used. We grow many native plants, and other wildlife-friendly perennials, annuals, and shrubs. Order 'specials' to begin or enhance your natural garden. You may also find something unusual that you've been looking for. When in you're in the area, stop by this little nursery where you shop at a real garden!

Rock Spray Nursery

Truro, MA

We are Heath and Heather growers, located in Truro on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. We specialize in cold hardy Heaths and Heathers with a plant list of over 100 varieties. These unique plants are available through our mail order, internet, and retail garden center. Our catalog, filled with cultural information and inspiring photos, will guide you through the exciting world of Heaths and Heathers. You too can enjoy year round color in your garden.

Trees and Plants Direct

We offer a wide variety of trees, shrubs, perennials, roses, evergreens, ground cover, and wild flowers.

Gourmet Seed International, Llc

Gourmet Seed International carries a wide variety of herb & vegetable seed, specializing in rare, heirloom, and gourmet varieties found in the Us, Europe, and Asia. We also carry a fine selection of imported garden tools & supplies. We cater to both the home gardener and market grower.

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