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Urban Farmer

Urban Farmer offers a large assortment of fresh vegetable, herb, and flower seeds for home gardens. All seeds are grown and packaged in the United States.

Harris Seeds

Since 1879 Harris Seeds has carried a full line of high quality products for gardeners and growers, including vegetable and flower seeds, transplants, bulbs, gardening and seed starting supplies, and greenhouses. Our agenda for our customers remains much as it was in 1879, to provide the finest products available and at a fair price, coupled with friendly and courteous service. We also offer free catalogs!

Stacy's Seeds and S'more

I sell many varieties of seeds-annuals, perennials, biennials, bulk, vines & climbers, trees & shrubs, tropicals, herbs, butterfly and hummingbird attracting, Australian native, vegetables & fruits, grasses and much more. I also carry plants, garden supplies and books of all kinds in my store.

Sow True Seed

Asheville, NC

Sow True Seed is an open-pollinated/non-treated vegetable, herb and flower seed company founded in 2009 to serve home gardeners, market growers and the seed saving community at large. We seek to promote and foster community sustainability by helping to preserve our shared botanical heritage and seed a new era of sustainable culture and ecological wisdom. Located just outside of downtown Asheville, North Carolina, Sow True Seed offers over 400 varieties of vegetable, herb and flower seed.

Broad View Wildflower Seed

Grinnell, IA

Offering Iowans wildflower seed for creating a wildflower garden for native life.

ByMoore Seeds

ByMoore Seed Company is a leading supplier of Heirloom Vegetable Garden seeds. Our seeds produce vegetables that preserve their rich and tasty heritage.

Seeds from Zion

cultivation and producing wild plants, seeds & bulbs of the wildflora of Israel. On our farm we have bulbs that were planted more than 50 years ago and which are still growing today. We also save wild plants from areas that were designated for new neighborhoods, road-building, railroad tracks. We preserve the wild plants until the end of the project, then, we return the plants back to the area. These projects save many species of wild plants from extinction.


Find a huge selection of seeds from Aquatic plants to Bonsai, Cimbers, Bushes, Trees, Tropicals and Vegetables.

Phoenix Garlic Farm

Phoenix Garlic Farm grows several strains of softneck, and hardneck garlic. You can order garlic for planting or cooking online by visiting our website at www. phoenixgarlicfarm. com. Learn how to grow garlic in your own garden by visiting our website.

American Meadows Inc.

Welcome to America's favorite Wildflower Seed Site. You'll find detailed How-To Info, plus our premium, proven regional mixes and over 80 individual wildflowers. Our Advance Sale of Spring Bulbs and Perennials began in January with Early Bird Savings of 50% on over 200 items. The earlier you order, the more you save. Also, you'll find our 50 cent Favorite Flower Seed Packets of Red Poppy, Forget me Not, Daisy, and wildflower mix for clubs, meetings and mailings.

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