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2B Seeds

2BSeeds strongly believes that the best gardening results start from the best beginnings, and that is what we are making available to you, our customer. Our primary focus is to ensure that you are successful in your plantings with quality Flower, Vegetable and Herb seeds. 2Bseeds has emerged from four generations of professional and commercial growers. Starting in 1870 in Golden Valley, Mn we were pioneers in what has evolved into todays world of hothouse tomatoes and vegetables for the local market.

Abdullah farm

We are agricultural services provider, cut flower fruits and palms grower and plants, seeds supplier in Pakistan We produced best quality Fruit seed, world best quality Guava seed strawberry Plants papaya f1 seed, Jamun seed, Loquat seed, Banana plants

Tomato Bob

Tomato Bob offers over 400 varieties of Heirloom Tomato and vegetable seeds. Our 9th Year of providing quality seeds and prompt personal service. Free 2007 Seed Catalog full of unique and rare varieties. As always, we back our seeds with a 100% Guarantee.

Grow Your Own Garlic! We supply garlic gardeners nationwide with premium certified organic planting stock. Looking for elephant garlic, softnecks, hardnecks, bulbils or some information on the 'stinking rose' - just click to www. Thegarlicstore. com. Orders come with complete planting instructions. Visit our web site for information on how to grow, cook and enjoy garlic. You can order your planting stock, fresh garlic and holiday and special occasion garlic gift items online using our secure server. Charter member of Bbbonline.


MiloSeeds offers seeds from every continent for every climate. We offer seeds of every type from the smallest flower to the largest tree(Giant Redwood). Wild Flowers, Vegetables, Tropical trees, fruits. Ornamentals & grasses. We have Ornamental Millet(Purple). Every pack of seeds is Only $1.25. We sell wholesale to everyone. We also have a free full color printed catalog. We have Convenient ordering through our website or you can mail in your order. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Find a huge selection of seeds from Aquatic plants to Bonsai, Cimbers, Bushes, Trees, Tropicals and Vegetables.

Blossom Creek Farm

Blossom Creek Farm provides gardeners with all they need to have successful and beautiful Gardens. We sell Flower seeds, flower bulbs, gardening tools and gardening supplies, all with helpful information. We also have newsletters and message boards to help you gather information to be successful.

Artisan Seeds

Artisan Seeds releases a handful new vegetable varieties of exceptional quality each year. We release varieties we have bred, varieties backyard breeders and small farmers have bred (returning a royalty to them) and other miscellaneous relatively unknown vegetables. The focus is on tomatoes.

Urban Farmer

Urban Farmer offers a large assortment of fresh vegetable, herb, and flower seeds for home gardens. All seeds are grown and packaged in the United States.

Nativeflora. com is the source for Source Identified native wildflower seed of the Rockies. Our seeds have been hand collected from natural native stands under guidelines established by the Association of Official Seed Certifying Agencies, and tested for viability. This helps assure the quality and authenticity of our native wildflowers and success in propagating them. Duplicates of labels issued by the States of origin are included with purchase.

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